Congratulations on taking the first step toward better health for you and your family!  Dr. Wise is a family chiropractor with a holistic and integrated approach to caring for individuals in all stages of life.   
Dr. Jennifer Wise is now caring for patients out of two locations!  You may schedule your appointment with Dr. Wise at either of these locations with our convenient online booking feature.  Simply select your prefered location below and you will be guided to her schedule to select your appointment time.
Chiropractic Care
Pediatric Care
Perinatal Care
Chiropractic is a discipline of healing rooted in science, art and philosophy. It is based on the direct relationship between the integrity of your nervous system and the health of your body and it's beneficial for everyone! Your nervous system directly controls the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.
Chiropractors examine the bones and joints of thespine as well as surrounding muscles, ligaments and tissues to detect subluxations in the spine. Subluxations are areas in the spine where abnormal position or movement of the vertebrae interferes with communication within the nervous system resulting in abnormal function in the body. These can be found using various diagnostic methods including palpation, range of motion, orthopedic testing, radiographic findings and other methods.
In order to eliminate these subluxations, a chiropractor will perform gentle and specific adjustments which help your spine to return to its proper position and normal range of movement and enable your body to heal itself. 
This new life also deserves to start out with an optimally functioning cranial/spinal system protecting the delicate tissue it surrounds. Even a natural birth can put a great amount of stress on the newborn spine and nervous system.
Having a thorough chiropractic check-up early on ensures detection and removal of subluxations caused by birth trauma. In fact, it is common to find chiropractors in hospital in order to check all newborns for imbalances. This is of particular importance if your baby experienced a breech presentation, forceps or vacuum delivery, shoulder dystocia, cesarian section, extended labour and delivery or colic.
Safety and comfort are always the top priorities for you and your child during care. Dr. Wise uses specific analysis and specialized adjustments for the unique needs during pregnancy, infancy and childhood. Infant adjustment use such light force that many babies sleep right through their adjustments.
Pregnancy is an incredibly vital time in a woman's life. Through chiropractic care, Dr. Wise strives to help expecting mothers to understand and enjoy this incredible time as much as possible. The goal with regular care is to keep women feeling balanced, more comfortable and happy throughout their pregnancies. It is our mission to ensure that pregnant women feel empowered, educated and well taken care of.
Chiropractic care during pregnancy creates and maintains balance and alignment in the spine and pelvis as the mother and baby grow and develop. This helps the baby to assume its optimal birthing position and provides a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery for both mother and baby. Stimulation of the nervous system enables proper functioning of reproductive organs to support the needs of the growing baby throughout pregnancy and during the delivery process.
Postnatal care helps mom adjust to the new postural and positional demands of caring for an infant. It can also aid in recovery from biomechanical adaptations experienced during pregnancy.